September 19, 2014
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A Prophetic Trumpet Is About To Be Sounded

"Who is this coming up from the wilderness,
Leaning upon her beloved? Under the apple tree, I awakened you...

Song of Solomon 8:5

             The Apple Blossom 
             Prophetic Gathering             

BONNIE JONES (Bob Jones Wife)
LYN KOST (Bonnie Jones Son)

  May 1st-May 3rd 
  Wenatchee, Washington



"It Will Be A Powerful Time Of Prophetic Fulfillment For Many... Concerning Long Standing Promises Spoken Of By The Mouth Of The Lord"

On New Year's Eve, coming into the year 2014, about two hours till midnight, the Spirit of Prophecy fell strongly upon me. I recorded the prophecy because I was under such a powerful unction of the Holy Spirit. I ended up releasing this Word over the Pacific Northwest just before midnight at the birth of the year 2014 - and the Word was for the year - 2014... Here is that Word: 

"I saw this beautiful picture of a Fellow-Ship. It was sailing upon glistening waters with majestic sails overhead. What caught my attention was the huge main sail in the middle. It had the words printed on it, in clear, unmistakeable lettering. It read: 


Suddenly I saw as it were, the Wind of Heaven begin to blow upon that sail, and I knew it was the Breath of God! The Wind blew directly into that specific sail, and that ship (that had seemed stationary for so long...) began to move by the Breath of the Wind, and I knew this Fellow-Ship was being propelled in the very direction the Breath was directing it towards... I was given to comprehend that we are moving into "APPOINTED TIMES OF FULFILLMENT" of the Prophecies & Promises long spoken of by the Mouth of the Lord... 2 Corinthians 1:20 "For ALL the Promises of God in Him are YES, and in Him AMEN, to the Glory of God." 

Hope is good... (and important), but there MUST be a place and time when dreams come true, when Prophecies find their fulfillment. It is said "Hope makes a great breakfast...but a lousy supper." For hope deferred can make the heart sick...


Just a couple weeks later, Bob Jones released a very powerful Prophetic Word, Here is the opening portion of that Word:

While in a time of Praise, Bob saw an Apple Tree in full bloom. As he prayed for understanding, the Lord revealed to him that many people have been "in the bud"... They have been waiting on Promises that go back many, many years. Now the Lord is saying that before the Apple Tree blooms this Spring, their buds shall bloom. Although some of them are Ancient Promises, they will bloom in the Spring before the Apple Tree does and they will begin producing the fruit of righteousness. 

I was so deeply touched by the timing and the intention of God's Heart concerning this Word, I begin to ask the Lord to please let me bring Bob back out here to the Pacific Northwest - just one more time.... To the "Apple Capital of the World" - Wenatchee, Washington. I envisioned timing the conference date to happen in conjunction with  the "Bloom of the Apple Tree"... 

Our ministry, LatterGlory, had brought Bob & Bonnie Jones to Moses Lake, Washington a few years ago fo the "Lion's Roar" Conference (which would ultimately be Bob's last visit and public ministry in the entire Pacific Northwest)... When Bob was called home to Heaven, the vision for this conference remained - and burned within my heart... In earnest Intercession, the Lord spoke to me about bringing Bonnie Jones here, as she is carrying a powerful portion of that Word her and her husband Bob had received from the Lord, and for me to arrange for this Prophetic Gathering to fall within the time of the Washington Apple Blossom!!

This Prophetic Word from Bob & Bonnie Jones, would end up being the last public Prophecy ever released through Bob. It carries great Power and Purpose... If it were not so - the Lord would not have spoken it.....This Prophetic Gathering is about calling the people of God together to make a united stand, in Faith, in pursuit of,  and belieiving and contending for our breakthroughs, for answered prayers, doors of entrance towards fulfillments of our Destinies, prophetic promises, fresh GRACE and impartation, callings, anointings, purposes under Heaven, even unto the FULLNESS of Christ in the FULLNESS of time!! The Bible says: 


We cordially invite you to come to the Apple Capital of the World, in the time of the 2014 Apple Blossom to reach into the Promises God has for you and apphrehend them during this Prophetic Gathering!! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!  See You There!!! Timothy Johnson & The LatterGlory Team



Bonnie Jones. Bonnie moves in a Seer Prophetic gifting, as well as healings and miracles. Her passion is to see women get set free from the fear of man and step into their gifts and callings. Bonnie moved to Charlotte in 2001 to attend MorningStar School of Ministry. In 2005, she met Bob Jones and they were married the following year. During their years of marriage they flowed together in a powereful revelatory realm, often receiving simultaneous revelation. She became an important part of the revelations released each year in The Shepherds Rod. She is carrying both the power and the release of this now Word about - The 2014 Apple Blossom Prophecy!!

Lyn Kost. Lyn is Bonnie's son, and was not only Bob's Son-In-Law, but a son in the Spirit to Bob as well. Bob prophesied over Lyn that he would be doing the very thing he is coming up to this Prophetic Gathering to do.... Lyn has a Nathan type of prophetic gifting, He delivers words through the gift of faith. His love for the Truth is evident when he moves in the gift of teaching. He currently leads worship at "Antioch International Church", and has ministered periodically on the road with Bob and Bonnie.
Timothy Johnson. Is a trusted prophetic voice to the Body of Christ throughout the Pacific Northwest and in Israel, Timothy's heart has been flooded with a "beckon cry" of Heaven. That burden is to reveal the jealous heart of God and reveal how the Lord yearns for the return of His Bride to whole hearted devotion, as the Day of the Lord draws near, and the clock is ticking...


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